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Provincial Labour Office Nakhonphanom

Organization Structure

  • Mr.Wisan Prasertsri

    Mr.Wisan Prasertsri

    Nakhon Phanom Labour Provincial
    • Mr. Parinya Sriprasert

      Mr. Parinya Sriprasert

      Labour Specialist,Professional Lavel
      • Miss Tiwaporn Hongsamanut

        Miss Tiwaporn Hongsamanut

        Labour Specialist
        • Miss Tanita Kaewkalya

          Miss Tanita Kaewkalya

          Labour Analysis and processing
    • Miss Patcharee Promsaka Na Sakonnakhon

      Miss Patcharee Promsaka Na Sakonnakhon

      Labour Specialist,Professional Lavel
      • Mr. Sawan Khumsupha

        Mr. Sawan Khumsupha

        Labour officer,Driver
    • Miss Sunanta Thinaboon

      Miss Sunanta Thinaboon

      Administration Staff S.4
      • Miss Praewphun Huntula

        Miss Praewphun Huntula

        Finance and Accounting Office