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Provincial Labour Office Nakhonphanom


                  Nakhon Phanom Province geography is generally high plains of the region with higher sea level about 140 meters terrain. Paul will be divided into 2 zones as follows.


1) zone north state area, most high and hilly upland. A switch to plain forest farm use.

The northernmost districts of the province in บ้านแพง. Todd Phu Lanka through the mountains. There is also an important river flow. War and the river is a river, Hugo. For districts in this area is the district บ้านแพง Srisgcram District. District Teaauetn Nahwga District and Garden District, Amphoe Phon Na Bangkok.


2) zone area near the southern Mekong River is the eastern plains of the west. Which is far away from the Mekong River area, Don is a state forest land, most favorite nest resembles a light brown stone that resembles some of the ongoing flow. Area at the south end of the province in the mountainous districts นาแก Phu Phan fried a delimitation line between Nakhon Phanom province. Mukdahan province and for the district in this area include Muang District, Nakhon Phanom district Ernoncr Tatupnm District Plapak district and subdistrict นาแก Wang rubber.


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